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So I've been quite for the past year and haven't been doing much, and I'm sorry to who ever still watches me that it took a long time for me to do anything. I've been busy with collage and finals until just two week ago, and for a while I lost my "heart for art" (gonna get that trademark, lol). But now I have an OCT I'm entering and lots of new ideas for some art and characters, and a new vigor for writing. So hopefully you'll be seeing more of me and my work.

Remembering the dead

I was dreaming about things long past, things I need to remember, things I would never forget. It was dark and cold and I remember screaming, I remembered Jackious and how he died.

December 14, 21:00, 2161 Belgium, some little town that is but ash, The War of the Worlds

    I had fought for three hours with the Allied armies and several other operators (those that are gifted fighters but do not belong in typical infantry like individual special forces) to stamp out the final enemy UEP (United European and Parrkin) army and base that was built next to the little town. The town name I can’t remember it and I doubt anyone ever will. We had lost so many good men to these damn, god forsaken extremists. Several other operators and I had pushed through the main enemy forces and were going for their Omega (An enemy operator with an HVT status and are known to be extremely dangerous) that had been causing havoc among our ground forces and a lot of casualties and was the last of their high ranking officers.

The Omega we were after was named Tradisver Haster, a monster of man and one of the most powerful psychic operators in the war. He was an infamously known as the nastiest SOB in the UEP arsenal for his powerful mind control ability and lethal telekinesis. His dossier entailed many bloody details of his past and even a physiological evaluation, he had advanced schizophrenia, was a sociopath, and had a long history of violence and murder. We found him…and we were not ready.

    Everyone was dead in about five minutes, we managed to a disrupter to nullify his ability to use his telekinesis at the cost of operator Hansen, Wather, and Oliva. He tore Hansen apart and then tossed his body parts in every direction. Wather shot at him with her rifle and he just stopped them midair and sent them back. Oliva our sniper she was broken in half and thrown away in the blood soaked snow we had been very close friends maybe even more if she had surived. They deployed it the nullifier a device used to stop telekinetics from using their ability, and they all died horribly I still try and block out their screams. He then understanding that he was weakened smashed through operator Fairfeild mental barriers and forced him to kill himself, he made Fairfeild slit his own throat. I froze up and I just watched. The only reason I survived his mind control is that Jackious had managed to strengthen my mental barriers and was fighting the mental war on my behalf while I fought the Omega.

    “FAIRFEILD!” I screamed out as I watched as Fairfeild cut his own throat. Blood flowed out in a crimson river ran out of the huge gash that nearly went to the bone, his eyes were glazed over and cloudy form the mind control, and the gurgles of his last breath made a sickening sound. I ran over to him to try and heal him. The snow was falling heavily now and the cold chilled my bones through the thermal suit was wearing, before I could reach him a two gunshots rang out and blew off his head spraying bits of bone and gore on the wall behind him. Haster had shot him with a large pistol held in his left hand. I fell to my knees and fell forward and held myself up but was frozen in place. I could feel the bile rising up my throat, and a kind of numbness to the situation. All the Operators that had just died, I had known them for about two years we were great friends, we even shared our plans for what we were going to do after the fighting stopped. Now they were all dead and I didn’t feel anything, not fear, or sorrow, or even pain, not a fuc*ing thing. The only thing I felt was a cool focus take over, I had to kill him, I had to destroy him! I pulled out Weapon and had her turn into her revolver form as soon as he came over I would shoot him right in the smug face, but as he approached me I couldn’t move, I was frozen in place. It took me a moment to realize that one of the two gunshots had destroyed the nullifier and he was holding me in place.

    Haster stood his ground for a moment, then thinking he had broken me and that I was safe to approach. He strode over to me like the proud monster he was and stopped short of me, and swiftly kicked me in the side hard enough to break ribs to knock me on my back. He then disarmed me of Weapon and threw her behind him he then leaned close to me and spoke in a soft Scandinavian accent “I have no idea how you survived my mental assault and continue to do so, but I assume these people were your friends. I do have to say the legendary Slone Halcourt and his squad of skilled Operators were a disappointment, you didn’t even try did you, did you even know who I am? Don’t worry, you will be joining them in Hell soon enough.” He put his right foot on my chest and pressed down as so I could not get away, he then aimed his pistol at my head and said “I am made in God’s image am like God. You are a mistake, you should have never been born, you turned your humanity in for a damn fur coat, you are a horrible creature as is your kind and is only deserving of Hell. I am your end, your cleansing fire.”

    His finger closed around the trigger and be began to pull it and a shot rang out, as some kind of divine intervention his lower left arm seemed to explode in a cloud of red. What was left of his hand holding the pistol fell skidded across the ice and came to rest a ways from me. His blood sprayed from the stump of his arm all over me, but he did not scream, his face was so twisted up in anger he resembled a demon, his eyes wild.

    The gunshot came from Oliva who by her stubborn Brillix nature was still able to shoot her rifle. She said “That was a sh*tty shot, I’m sorry Slone.” She yelled a bunch of insults before Haster turned his attention away from me and decided to rip her to bloody bits. She then tried to reload her rifle to fire again even as Haster approached her, she looked past him and then smiled and mouthed the words I love you.  

    Everything seemed to freeze in place, I heard Jackious yelling at me to move, to fight, that Haster’s attention was elsewhere at the moment. He then screamed at me to Not waste her sacrifice, she is buying you time!

    Haster was just finishing destroying what was left of Oliva screaming “You fu*king whore, sack of sh*t, you have deformed me, you took away my perfect form you stupid bit*h!” When he remembered his work wasn’t done, he turned to face me to make sure his mission was complete.

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang!

Haster looked down to see his chest and body shattered and bloody and full of holes and to see me standing there holding his smoking gun with shaking arms. My eyes full of wrath I spoke in a loud voice “If you think you are like God then I would rather go to Hell and be forever damned than to live in a world full of people like you.” I fired until the magazine was empty and Haster fell to his knees.

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang!

He just refused to die, he looked at me with his cold blue eyes and said “You paralyzed me knowing I need my arms to direct my telekinesis, at least your damn species has some intelligence. But I will still complete my mission.”

He then fell over and it looked like he had died. I turned away body locked up, and I felt his presence attack me again, it’s as if he had opened a flood gate a tremendous psychic force crashed against my mind and I lost control of my body, he had me. I felt my body against my will, he walked me over to where Weapon was laying in the snow, and picked her up and quickly overwhelmed her powerful mind as well. I wanted to warn her, speak to her but it was as if I was shut away in a box in my own mind. I felt my arm raise Weapon in her revolver form and up it to my head, and my finger closed around the trigger.

“SO IS IT TRUE THAT ONLY YOU CAN USE THIS WEAPON OF YOURS? BECAUSE I’M GOING TO KILL YOU WITH IT!” Haster voice boomed in my mind, his word were unstable and full of insanity.

No, I can’t die here not like this, not with him controlling me. I thought as I waited for the end.

Then another voice rang out loud and clear like some sort of grand church bell. “Do not give up hope just yet Slone.” It was Jackious, he was hiding when Haster took over my mind so he could strike when the moment seemed right. Jackious was part of me, part of my soul and admittedly a lot stronger of body and wiser of mind. My finger slowly left the trigger and then my arm lowered to aim at Haster shattered form, Jackious was winning!

Haster let out an inhuman scream inside my head as he then attacked Jackious’s mind, his control left me and I fell to the ground and blacked out. I awoke to Weapon yelling at me to wake up her voice was full of fear. “Slone wake up, you need to kill Haster while he is still fighting Jackious. Jackious is losing you need to shoot Haster.”

I groggily got up and looked around to see Haster’s body a way away still breathing, holding on to life like some unholy thing. I aimed weapon at him and as I was about to pull the trigger, Haster turned his head to look at me he spat up some blood before he spoke to me. “Right now me and this other mind are fighting, we are connected if you kill me, you will kill him too.”

I stopped I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t pull the trigger with even the idea that I could kill Jackious along with this monster. Tears welled up in my eyes, this man had just kill so many people some of my best friends and almost killed me and was not willing to kill him if it meant Jackious would die.



    I fired, I blew off Haster’s head… and Haster stopped fighting as did Jackious. But Jackious did not speak to me he was gone where he had been in my mind and soul was dark and quiet. I don’t know how long I screamed or how much I cried he did not come back. My throat was so raw it started bleeding and my eyes were swollen shut, I did it I had ended the war. The enemy defense crumbled without their leader, our forces overwhelmed them. They found me surrounded by the dead still screaming.

October 24, 1:19, 2168 Russia, in a little cabin in the middle of the woods, seven years after the war.

(Any dialogue with [ ] around it is in Russian)

The dream then became some sort of hellish whirlwind of memories of people I had killed, pain I caused, suffering, and my screams. An all-consuming thing that seemed to pull me into a darker place, a voice that sounded like Jackious called out from the dark storm. “Slone wake up, wake up, you need to wake up!”

I awoke to find Serdtse on top of me shaking and yelling [Wake up Slone, please my love, wake up!] with tears in her eyes, she had a large gash on her for head and cuts on her arms.

           Ex 2nd Leiutenant Serdtse Zelvoske is a women that I’ve been dating for about a year, we met briefly during the war she was in charge of making strikes on lone UEP facilities and factories in Russia and Siberia, and to stop supply lines going to the UEP forces. She ran her operations with no failures and only a handful of casualties, and was highly commended by Allied command. And was offered a position as a high ranking officer and denied it but she asked for only for the families of those that died under her command to be taken care of.

           She is a Lynx Brillix of the Anthro variety, and a beautiful one at that. Her eyes are a sharp jade color, and her soft fur was light gray. She is about as tall as me, and keeps in good shape, and has a good shape if you know what I mean. She is a very strong willed woman who takes won’t take crap from anyone, as well as being well…forward she does not hide her feelings. She is very empathetic of others and if she can stand me, she must have lots of patients. Though if she gets hurt emotionally or physically she often hides it from others, she explained it to me once “I don’t want others worrying about me and avoiding their own problems.” Though I will pester her till she know is going on. She only really knows how to speak Russian, Polish, and her English well…needs work.

           I sat up immediately and gasped my face was wet with tears and my heart was pounding. I wrapped my arms around her and she buried her face in to my shoulder and I asked [What happened and where did she get those cuts?] then I looked her in the eye quietly asked her [Did I do that?] I gestured at her injuries.

           She looked at me with her sharp jade green eyes and said [You did not do this to me.] Her voice was stern but at times wavered it was obvious she was trying to keep me from feeling guilty about attacking her when I was sleeping.  [You were yelling in your sleep and thrashing about. You keep yelling about Jackious and how you were sorry.] She then moved her face closer to mine and held my head in her hands and said [You're still are having nightmares about that day?]

    She would not let me move or break eye contact and I couldn't lie to her. [Yes, I just can’t stop having these dreams, these nightmares. They haunt me whenever I close my eyes to sleep.] My voice began to waver as the mental wounds were still fresh.

    Her gaze softened and leaned in and softly kissed me and whispered [Here, let me give you sweet dreams.] And we got lost in each other. She had fallen asleep after our exertions, but I still could not find any sleep. So I slowly got out of bed careful not to disturb Serdtse and walked over to the window and watched the snow fall gently outside the window. I watched it for what seemed to last an hour but was only a few minutes. I felt Weapon’s mind awake and poke me to ask if we could talk.

    You can’t sleep either? I asked her.

    Who can sleep with you two going at it all night? She answered with a joking tone. Did you have another nightmare or was it just about Jackious this time? She said now with concern.

     Both. It never gets any easier, does it? I told her with a bit of bitterness in my voice.

    I guess it won’t, at least you have good memories to fall back on as well as Serdtse. She said. If she can love you as messed up as you are then you have a good thing going you love her? Weapon said quietly.

    Of course I do, I’m just so afraid of seriously hurting her one day. like I have all the others… I started to yell at her but my voice quickly lowers to a whisper.

    No, No don’t you dare do this! You are not going to fall back on that, you think about them and you just shut the one you're with out. You just act like you are better off alone, which you're not. So don’t give me that bullsh*t! Weapon’s voice was full of anger and pain. I just want you to be happy. It then sounded as if she was close to tears.

    I’m sorry Wertressa, I... before I could finish my sentence someone or something  knocked on the cabin door. The only neighbors we had lived a mile away. I readied Weapon and quietly walked to the door. Another knock on the door got me to swing it open and yell [Stop where you are!] but there was no one there only a strange sight. All the snow on the ground in front of the door was melted away and the ground was dry, and on the doorstep there was a very large white feather and a letter with a strange gold seal. I picked both up slowly and brought them inside, the feather felt heavy and the letter opened when placed it on the table. I read it, and for a time I did not take it seriously, and I wanted it to be fake. But the instructions were clear if I won this tournament. I could get Jackious back from wherever he was or what ever condition he was in. Weapon only stayed quiet and waited for my answer. Serdtse was just waking up when I was finishing getting dressed.

    [Where are you going?] she asked quickly getting out of bed.

    [To go get a friend back.] I said quietly and walked over to her and kissed one more time. [I will come back to you.] I said as I held her hands. Then I let go and walked outside, the letter said “Go to a dry place and put the feather in your left hand and pray.” So I did as it instructed and I prayed “God, forgive me for my transgression against you and ones I will commit, give my soul peace, and please keep Serdtse safe if I don’t come back.” The world became a blinding light and my feet left the ground, I felt as if I had no more fear or pain but as quickly as this feeling came it was gone. When I opened my eyes it was blindingly bright until my eyes adjusted and a huge magnificent city lay before me.

    Do you really think you can kill all the others and an angel of death? Weapon asked me.

It’s a little too late to be asking that now Wep. I said with a growing feeling of dread. But at least the view is nice. 
AAOCT audition Slone Halcourt and Weapon
My audition to Angels Ascended OCT

All character belong to me.
So I've been quite for the past year and haven't been doing much, and I'm sorry to who ever still watches me that it took a long time for me to do anything. I've been busy with collage and finals until just two week ago, and for a while I lost my "heart for art" (gonna get that trademark, lol). But now I have an OCT I'm entering and lots of new ideas for some art and characters, and a new vigor for writing. So hopefully you'll be seeing more of me and my work.


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To be continued...
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l really love drawing, though I have a lot to learn. Also , yes I am a furry, but I DO NOT dress up in those freaky costumes and I HATE it when people think all furrys do that. I try and practice love and understanding...but there's some things I don't tolerate.

I am a writer and proud of it, but also a bit of a hopeless romantic . I love all kinds of fiction and history i read with a passion and to many an over active imagination. Also I love Halo/Mass Effect. Several artists have inspire me, but for now I am enticed in Twokinds

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